Connect your car to GPS in 10 seconds

and know everything about your vehicle.

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No installations. Insert the device into a cigarette lighter.


Unplug the cigarette lighter tracker any time to use in another vehicle.


There's no other car monitoring solution for such a price.


The tracker looks like a charger. Strangers won't notice it.

What's in ally

Stop worrying over your car all the time

ALLY brings it to your fingertips.

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Find your car in seconds and check the movement history.


Control vehicle maintenance and usage based on actual mileage.


Restrict vehicle movements within specified areas.


Check RPM, speed, and other vehicle parameters.


Receive alerts if anything happens with your vehicle.


Listen to what's happening in your car.

ALLY answers all your questions

Where is your car?

Check its location in real-time and view ride history.

Who drives it, and how?

Learn who takes your car, when, and for how long.

Is it safe and secure?

Prevent unauthorized access to your family vehicle.

What's happening inside?

Listen to passengers through the built-in microphone.

how it works

1. Contact us

We'll send you the ALLY bundle.

2. Unpack

the device and download the FiOS Lite app for iOS or Android.

3. Insert

the tracker into a cigarette lighter, preserving the vehicle warranty.

4. Enjoy

peace of mind about your car.

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