Fleet & vehicle maintenance software

Control fleet maintenance activities, costs, intervals, spare parts, and fuel consumption on one screen.

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Preventive maintenance

Plan fleet maintenance based on mileage, engine hours, or time intervals to avoid critical breakdowns.

Unplanned repairs

Control the time, costs, and spare part inventory of ongoing repair works to bring your fleets back into action faster. 

Routine inspections

Perform daily driver tests and pre-trip vehicle inspections and store the results in the HEED platform.

Fuel management

Monitor fuel fillings and costs, sometimes reaching 60% of a fleet's operating budget.

How to control fleet maintenance with HEED?

This video provides a complete software overview and guides you through its core features step by step.

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Fleet Maintenance software features​

Why manage fleet maintenance with HEED?

Rare breakdowns

Get more work done with fewer vehicles standing idle at the garage.

Low-cost maintenance

Avoid costly repairs by providing timely maintenance.

Longer vehicle lifespan

Invest a penny in maintenance instead of buying new vehicles.

Automated processes

Assign Services in bulk & generate maintenance reports with a click.


Track spare parts, labor, and car care expenses, and optimize your budget.

Paperless processes

View detailed work logs; track inventories & costs on your laptop.

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