Value-added fleet management systems

Expand your fleet management opportunities with task-specific apps instantly integrated with FiOS system.

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CIRCUMSPECTOR. Driving style monitoring solution

The solution to control and enhance driving style across your fleet:

  • Control speeding and acceleration events to avoid traffic tickets and minimize fuel overburns.
  • Prevent harsh braking, cornering, and reckless driving to slow down wear & tear.
  • Rank your drivers to understand who needs to enhance their driving style.

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HEED. Fleet maintenance management system

Plan, manage, and control expenses for maintenance and repairs with HEED.

  • Preventive maintenance. Discover potential breakdowns based on mileage and time of last service. 
  • Repair. Stay updated on the works, spare parts used, and costs.
  • All types of service work. Consider car wash, routine inspections, and other activities making vehicles temporarily non-operational.

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DISTRIBUTION. Delivery monitoring software

SHUTTLE. Public transport fleet management system

Digitalize your fixed-route transport management system with SHUTTLE:

  • Automate route planning and ride monitoring;
  • Analyze passenger transport performance;
  • Let passengers watch their transport online and comment on their experience.

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GAUGE. Fuel card control and theft prevention solution

Prevent fuel thefts by cross-checking fuel-filling data from your fuel card system and fleet management software. 

  • Save time on manual calculations and prevent human errors;
  • Provide strong evidence of fuel thefts;
  • Enjoy paperless fuel accounting.

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Fuel monitoring system

Monitor fuel level and consumption in real-time. 

  • Prevent thefts and leaks;
  • Cut fuel costs with fuel-efficient fleets;
  • Reduce CO2 emissions for the greener world.

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