fleet and cargo management solutions

All you need to control vehicles, trailers, and goods remotely.

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cost reduction

Cut fuel and maintenance expenses, minimize accident and breakdown rates, & increase fleet uptime to earn more.

secure cargo

Protect goods with GPS locks, access control systems, damage alarms, CCTVs, and weight sensors.

Fast deliveries

Take the fastest or most cost-efficient routes to exceed customer expectations or improve your bottom line.

Unspoiled goods

Remotely control the storage and transportation environment to preserve goods' quality.

Take your fleets and cargo under control

1 month

Return on investment period.


Less mileage and time in trips.


Fuel theft prevention.


Fuel economy.

fleet and cargo management solutions

how to get it


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We analyze your requirements and offer a custom solution.


We install selected telematics devices in your vehicles or buildings.


We configure the software and tailor it to your needs.


We support you 24/7 on the way to success.  

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