EPORT covers all elements of the delivery ecosystem


Integrator companies in a multi-tenant & multi-regional ecosystem.
They create the service structure and administer EPORT at the highest level.

fleet owners

Add vehicles, drivers, and helpers to the system and supply them to 2PL service providers.


Fleet providers and managers. 2PLs supply fleets from various owners to 3PL and 4PL organizations.


End customers that work with 3PLs to manage their transport requirements. 1PLs create & tracks delivery orders.


Logistics operators that work with 1PL and 4PL customers using fleets supplied by 2PLs. 3PLs r eceive delivery orders, assign them to vehicles, and initiates trips.


Large organizations with 1PL sub-units that work with multiple 3PL companies and cooperate directly with 2PL providers. 1PL+3PL hybrid functionality allows 4PLs to receive orders, assign them to vehicles, and manage trips in a single account.

EPORT delivery ecosystem features

zero investments

Add any number of users, vehicles, and orders at no cost. You pay only for trips that actually happened. 

efficient logistics

EPORT ensures that goods are delivered at the best rates, via optimized routes, on time, and by best-suited transport.

seamless interaction

Cargo & fleet owners, logistics operators, and drivers cooperate in one system to deliver goods without a single call.

Automated document flow

EPORT automatically generates invoices, waybills, or any other documents that a logistics company or client may need.

How the delivery happens

Add orders

Add or import orders in CSV, XLSX, or via direct integration.

Manage orders

Approve, remove, & assign orders to another vehicle/trip.

Plan trips

Select carriers, vehicles, drivers, and routes.

Track orders

Watch cargo on the map or follow status updates.

Analyze trips

View trip details, vehicle utilization, and custom reports.

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