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Smart routes

Deliver via the fastest or the most cost-efficient routes, depending on your priorities.

Cut expenditures

Minimize mileage, time in trips, and fuel consumption, which drained your money before.

Time savings

Assign orders to transport, plan routes & generate shipping docs automatically, saving hours for more important things.

Happy customers

Keep clients updated on the delivery progress, share courier movements to their smartphones, & employ digital POD.

delivery & distribution fleet management

FIOS GPS tracking and fleet management system

The system brings delivery fleet management to your laptop or smartphone:

  • Track vehicles' location, mileage, and movements.
  • Control transport within and outside specified areas.
  • Monitor fuel consumption and detects thefts.
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GPS Trackers

We provide mobile GPS devices to control proprietary and hired vehicles:

  • Perfect for outsourced fleets: share one GPS tracker between numerous vehicles.
  • No special requirements and driver screens: the software works on standard laptops and smartphones.

Equipment overview

Implementation & support

We make the system work and train your employees to use it efficiently:

  • Launch, configure, and enhance the fleet management platform with value-added options.
  • Hold online webinars and training sessions on every feature.
  • Provide after-implementation analysis and recommendations for improvement.

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How we make it happen


We interact with business owners, managers, and staff to understand how telematics can benefit your company.  


We carefully select the best-suited hardware and software to connect your vehicles, buildings, and machinery.


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every technical and commercial issue.


We watch how your business works and consult on how to return your investments faster.

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