Transportation and Logistics

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☑ Monitor transportation environment
 Keep fleets in good technical condition
 Manage drivers and their driving style

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Fuel economy

Through safe driving, minimized mileage, proper vehicle maintenance, and theft prevention.

Smart routes

The shortest or the most cost-efficient? Decide, and the system will generate them for you. 

Secured cargo

Telematics ensures that your cargo is never lost, stolen, broken, spoilt, or delayed for unknown reasons. 

healthy vehicles

KLOUD solutions help to prevent accidents and breakdowns and keep your fleet in good technical condition.

Solutions for Transport and logistics

FiOS GPS tracking and fleet management system

The software takes your transport fleets under control and manages them remotely.

  • Track vehicle movements in real time and reduce mileage via optimized routes.
  • Get notifications and alerts on any events on the road.
  • Limit movements to specific areas to prevent unauthorized trips.

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Value-added options

Explore fuel saving opportunities

Advice on fuel economy with or without GPS tracking and fleet management system.

Cut fuel costs     Control fuel card use​​


Value-added applications

driver behavior monitoring solution

The solution to control and enhance driving style across your fleet:

  • Control speedings and accelerations to avoid traffic tickets and minimize fuel overburns.
  • Detect braking, cornering, and reckless driving to monitor wear & tear.
  • Rank your drivers to understand who needs to enhance their driving style.

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remote maintenance management service

Plan, manage, and control expenses for maintenance and repairs.

  • Preventive maintenance. Discover potential breakdowns before they become critical issues based on mileage and time of last maintenance. 
  • Repair. Stay updated on the works, spare parts used, and costs.
  • All types of service work. Consider car wash, routine inspections, and other minor works that take time and make the vehicle idle.

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GPS trackers & additional equipment

We provide best-in-class devices that allow you to use every feature of our fleet management system.

  • GPS trackers that support wired & wireless sensors, driving style monitoring, video telematics, fuel sensors and counters. 
  • All types of sensors for vehicles & cargo: temperature, humidity, door opening, weight, tire pressure, light, and many more. 
  • Fixed and mobile video cameras to install in your truck, trailer, and driver cabin.

GPS Equipment overview

Implementation and support

We make the system work and train your employees to use it efficiently.

  • Launch, configure, and enhance the fleet management platform with value-added options.
  • Hold online webinars and training sessions on every feature.
  • Provide after-implementation analysis and recommendations for improvement.

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How we make it happen


We interact with every stakeholder in your company to understand how telematics can benefit your business.  


We carefully select hardware and software to connect your assets and make them interact with the teams.


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every issue, both technical and commercial.  


We watch how your business works and come up with advice on how to return your investments faster.  

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