Driver behavior monitoring solution

Monitor driving quality in real-time, detect traffic violations, and rank drivers based on their skills.

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Fewer traffic tickets

Cut costs on traffic fines and penalties by minimizing the number of driving violations.

Lower fuel consumption

Prevent harsh braking, accelerations, driving at high speed or RPM, and other events affecting fuel consumption. 

Rare critical breakdowns

Avoid reckless driving that fast-tracks vehicle wear and tear, shortening your fleet's lifespan.

Safer cargo & passengers

Minimize the number of traffic accidents by providing personalized training for each driver based on their skill gaps.

How to control driving quality with CIRCUMSPECTOR?

This video provides a complete software overview and guides you through its core features step by step.  

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Driver behavior monitoring system features​

Monitor driver behavior in all types of fleets

Car rent & lease

Give discounts to diligent drivers and penalize the reckless ones. Fewer accidents and breakdowns mean more vehicles available to clients. 

Transport services

Ensure an uninterrupted supply chain and avoid fines, delays, and cargo damages by preventing accidents and critical breakdowns. 

Taxi fleets

Make driving safety your top priority and unique selling proposition in a highly competitive passenger transportation market.


Check how teen drivers behave on the road, head to them in case of an accident, or train young drivers based on their mistakes. 

How it works

Install a GPS tracker

The device with an embedded accelerometer sends driving-quality data to the system. CIRCUMSPECTOR supports most devices on the market.

Register a vehicle

Add your vehicle to the FiOS fleet management system. It will automatically appear in the CIRCUMSPECTOR monitoring list.

Set up the criteria

Choose driving quality parameters, specify G-values and penalty points for each, or use pre-set models for trucks, cars, and buses.

Assess driving quality

Monitor driving quality in real-time, overview violations in the list, chart, or on the map, and analyze driver behavior through extensive reports.

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