Fuel monitoring system for vehicles

The system for fuel level and consumption monitoring on your laptop or smartphone. 

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Fuel thefts prevented

Detect fuel level drops during trips, stops, or parking and stamp out 90% of fuel thefts within the first month. 

Fuel economy maximized

Pay for actual fuel consumption only, turn fuel thefts into additional income, & build a data-driven fuel efficient fleet. 

Fuel reporting simplified

Generate fuel consumption or expense reports with a click, mitigate human errors, & ensure precise fuel accounting.

CO2 emissions reduced

Identify factors that contribute to excess fuel consumption and promote eco-friendly driving in your fleet. 

Fuel monitoring system features​

Value-added apps

Control additional factors affecting fuel consumption to achieve fuel economy.


Enjoy 15% fuel economy by avoiding unnecessary speeding, braking, and acceleration alone.


Raise fuel economy by up to 25% with timely fleet maintenance and replacement of consumables.



Detect fuel card misuse and fraud to prevent thefts at filling stations or private car filling.

Selected fuel level and consumption monitoring devices

All these sensors and meters are tried-and-tested and best-in-class for vehicle fuel monitoring. Select one on your own or let us consult you – we'll advise on the most cost-efficient options for your project.

Eurosens dominator fLS

Eurosens direct fuel flow meter

Escort wireless Fuel level sensor

Escort wired fuel level sensor

200 meters

Data transmission range for BLE models and RS, AS, CAN for wired devices.


The selected fuel level sensors are E-Mark- and CE-certified.

1 %

Max measurement error and advanced thermal compensation.

360° Protection

The devices are vandal-and explosion-proof, EMI-and corrosion-resistant.

20 parameters

The sensors control 20+ parameters, including fuel temperature.

Free fuel monitoring hardware consulting

Our fuel monitoring system is hardware-agnostic. It means you can select any fuel level sensor, monitor, and flow meter available on the market or connect your vehicles through CAN bus and factory-installed telematics. Let us know your preferences and we'll help you select the best hardware for your tasks.

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Monitor fuel level and consumption in all types of vehicles or machinery

Transport fleets

Cargo transportation vehicles, including trucks, lorries, vans, reefers, road tankers, and euro trailers. 

Construction fleets

Heavy machinery and  detachable equipment, including cranes, concrete mixers, dump trucks, and generators.  


Public transport

All types of passenger transport vehicles: city transport, work shuttles, fixed-route vans, and school buses.

Private cars

Keep track of fuel consumption across your family cars for better budget planning and cost optimization. 

How the fuel monitoring solution works

Install a GPS tracker

GPS trackers collect data from CAN bus, fuel level sensors or flow meters and send it to the fuel monitoring system.

Add fuel sensors

Fuel sensors and meters measure real-time fuel level and consumption and send the data to the GPS tracker.

Set up the software

KLOUDIP activates and pre-configures the fuel monitoring module for your vehicles, including reports and alerts.

Enjoy fuel saving

Detect fuel-saving opportunities, prevent thefts, and solve the fuel economy puzzle.

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