Energy Management systems

 Track electricity consumption
☑ Identify where you can save more
 React to power cuts faster

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Bigger Savings

Cut your electricity bill by 20% by controlling energy consumption.

Digital bills

Watch your electricity bills updated in real-time on your laptop.

Usage analytics

Identify the most energy-consuming appliances & optimize them first.

remote control

Manage appliances on your smartphone via sensors.

The 24/7 electricity control center in HAZER

  Web version

for the office

  • Energy counter widgets change colors in the case of emergency or excess energy consumption. 
  • The dashboard features widget groups and dynamically updated insight boards for each facility equipped with electricity counters.
  • The map displays where you face power failures or excess electricity usage. 
  • Reports show energy consumption as charts, graphs, and tables.  

Mobile app  

for service crews

  • Corporate or private electricity control center on the 5-inch screen.
  • Real-time synchronization of electricity data to your smartphone. 
  • Alerts on critical events in your pocket.
  • On-screen and scheduled reports for mobile users. 

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Devices and support

Energy management hardware

We equip your facilities, machinery, and appliances with the selected energy monitoring devices:

  • Robust electricity counters for homes and offices or industry-grade sensors for harsh environments.
  • Power monitoring gateways to centralize electricity sensor management.
  • Reliable connectivity to transfer large data volumes within your enterprise.

Implementation and support

We make the solution work and train your employees to use it efficiently:

  • System launch, configuration, and steadfast support.
  • Online webinars and training sessions on every feature.
  • After-implementation analysis and recommendations for improvement.
  • On-site technical assistance for any hardware issues.

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We interact with business owners, managers, and staff to understand how telematics can benefit your company.  


We carefully select the best-suited hardware and software to connect your vehicles, buildings, and machinery.


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every technical and commercial issue.  


We watch how your business works and consult on how to return your investments faster.  

KLOUD ENERGY management solution EXPLAINED

We are sure you can spend 20% less on electricity. And this video will show you how.

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