Public transport management  software

Digitalize public transportation systems, plan routes, and monitor performance in real-time.

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360° manageability

Overview all the stops, routes, transport, and schedules on a single screen and manage each element with a click.

Process automation

Let the system assign transport to routes, detect stop visiting, and manage schedules without involving humans. 

Passenger comfort

Relieve passengers from waiting at stops – share the transport movements and schedules to their smartphones. 

Firsthand feedback

Receive comments from passengers after each ride and use them to enhance the transportation system point-to-point.

How to manage passenger transport with SHUTTLE software? 

This video provides a complete software overview and guides you through its core features step by step.

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Public transport management system features​

The software to manage all types of fixed-route transport

Public transport

Build and manage a complex public transport system on your laptop.

School buses

Boost safety and comfort for children going to school and back.


Staff transport

Ensure that your employees arrive on time, and nobody is missing.

Van services

Raise the efficiency and quality of fixed-route van services in your city.

How it works

Add stops

Create stops with a click or import them from a file.

Create routes

Organize stops into routes, optimize them, and add schedules.

Track rides

Watch transport moving on the map or timeline and instantly detect delays.

Enhance the service

Identify growth areas by analyzing off-schedule arrivals and route deviations.

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