Employee transport management systems

Get all you need to control company transport and business rides in one place. Manage office shuttles, regular rides, ad-hoc transport, airport transfers, and tourist transport on your laptop or smartphone.

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Fast digitalization

All vehicles and transport activities are brought to a single screen and manageable with a click.

Timely arrivals

The intelligent transport system ensures that every employee gets the requested vehicle on time.

Lower expenses

Fair driver payments, vehicle use optimization, car sharing, and unpaid private trips cut operational costs.

No paperwork

Requests, approvals, transport catalogs, and billing documents are digitized and sent to your laptop.

employee transportation management software

How GOFER works: for Passengers, managers, dispatchers, and drivers

1. Passengers request vehicles

on their laptops in a few clicks, share trip details with managers, and rate drivers.  

2. Managers approve the rides

track employees’ activities outside the office, know the purpose of every trip, and request higher-class vehicles. 

3. Dispatchers see the big picture

assign vehicles or reject requests, and study fleet analytics to optimize transport processes.

4. Drivers accept or reject trips

navigate to pick up and drop off points via Google Maps, communicate with the office, rate passengers, and track earnings after each ride.

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We analyze your requirements and offer a custom solution.


We install selected telematics devices in your vehicles.


We configure the software and tailor it to your needs.


We support you 24/7 on the way to success.  

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