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What is Hazer Mobile ?

Hazer allows you to monitor a wide variety of sensors simultaneously - Temperature/Humidity/Door Sensors/Fuel Level/Light Sensors/Co2/Water/Parking Sensor - literary any sensor you can imagine!

That's not all! You can locate the IOT devices on map, provided you have the IoT devices with GPS/GLONASS.

How do I connect to Hazer Mobile and monitor  IOT devices and sensors   ?

All it takes is 2 minutes or less!

Subscribe to KloudIP IOT platform

Obtain Your auth token

Enter your Auth Token in Hazer App, create sensors widgets and assign them under dashboards to monitor each sensor's current status.

You can set threshold values to correspond with sensor widget color, so it will be easier to identity status of the sensor easily.

We keep working tirelessly to improve the app and our next exciting plan is to add some of cool features with the next upgrade. A sneak peak:

+ Analytics

+ Setting up in-app notifications.

+ Ability to control telematics devices remotely.

If you like Hazer, leave us a review. Of course a good one, because crashes and bugs welcome at our forum as it is the best way to correct them.