KLOUD GUARD: Guard Patrol Monitoring System

High walls, metal doors, and robust locks do not grant 100% security. Guards do.

To control your patrol guards remotely and ensure that they protect your facilities 24/7, KLOUDIP released KLOUD GUARD.

KLOUD GUARD is a digitalized security monitoring center deployed on your laptop or smartphone. There, you get total control of your security staff within one or multiple sites. Instantly, you will know:

- If the guard visits the patrol points according to the schedule;
- If the guard skips any checkpoints;
- If there are any emergencies on the way;
- Which guards are on duty today and their attendance.

Every day, week, or month KLOUD GUARD can automatically generate a report on guard performance and email it to the management.

This video explains how the solution works and what benefits it brings.

Need more information? Contact us for a live demo: http://bit.ly/37Ahfij

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