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Autonomous cars deliver people to work, where they manage industrial robots powered by AI and ML. Then, they come back to their homes managed through smartphones. That’s what the world will be by the end of the decade. But how much do we know about the technologies that make it happen?

Sanjeeva Cooray, the CEO of KLOUDIP – one of the largest IoT and telematics solution providers – how to power your business with new technologies and avoid the most common mistakes, including:

- The largest B2B app market to manage all moving and stationary assets remotely.
- The specifics of IoT and telematics solutions in different business domains.
- How to make the company independent from the workforce?
- What prevents companies from implementing new technologies?
- How to get the right technology for your tasks?

This video will be insightful for business owners, managers, or not indifferent employees who want to bring more value to their company and lead the technological revolution.

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