KLOUDIP Stories: Telematics implementation in Abans Group of Companies

Join Beenu and Jerastin Dubash discussing the implementation of telematics in business.

Jerastin is a Digital Lead at Abans group of Companies who manages fleets and logistics with KLOUDIP telematics solutions.

Eight years ago, Abans equipped its first vehicle with GPS. Now, the company’s vehicles, showrooms, warehouses, and employees interact within a digital ecosystem created by KLOUDIP.

In the interview, Jerastin shares:

- How her job role changed after she started managing every process remotely;
- How telematics kept the company operational during COVID-19 lockdowns;
- The value that telematics brought to Abans, including driving safety, financial gains, time savings, and more.

Ever planned to implement telematics in your business, but it felt like unchartered waters? Let a business like yours guide you through.

Learn more about KLOUDIP telematics: https://www.kloudip.com/

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