The solution for real-time video monitoring and historical video analytics inside your fleet management system. Here are the most important features to consider:

- Live video streaming. Watch transport and drivers in real-time via Amazon cloud servers. The fleet management software supports dual-lens cameras, two-camera or four-camera systems for live streaming, and mobile CCTVs.
- Video playback. View video fragments for the past 24 hours through up to 4 cameras. Zoom, save, delete, and filter videos for more convenience.
- Event-based monitoring. Dispatchers receive 15-second video footage if something happens with a vehicle, like an accident, dangerous driving, or deviation from the route.
- Advanced-driver assistance systems. The system analyzes the road and driver’s state and helps to avoid accidents. For example, if the driver approaches too close to another vehicle or is distracted by a phone or smoking.
- Video reports. Using commands, a user can request a video from an MDVR or generate a report with video files to analyze events on the way.

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