GOFER: How to use the mobile app for drivers?

GOFER is an Uber-like platform designed to manage company transport and business rides remotely. The solution comprises a web interface and mobile apps for drivers, dispatchers, and managers.

This video explains how to use the mobile app for drivers:

✅ Log in to the app;
✅ View driver profile, trip requests, and earnings;
✅ Receive new requests from employees;
✅ View routes to the destination;
✅ Communicate with passengers and rate them at the end of the trip;
✅ Confirm or reject trips;
✅ Change trip statuses – waiting for a passenger, on the way, etc.;
✅ Log additional expenses, like highway tickets or emergency maintenance;
✅ Track driver earnings for any period.

Let us know if you want to make a company car booking as simple as requesting a taxi. We’ll schedule a free trial for your company:

Need more information? Request a live demo on https://www.kloudip.com/gofer

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