GOFER is the software to manage company transport and business rides. It allows employees, managers, dispatchers, and drivers to interact in one system.

If an employee needs to go anywhere on business, GOFER will help to make a vehicle request, get managers’ and dispatchers’ approvals, find the right vehicle for the trip, and calculate payments to drivers.

Sometimes, a company needs to transport employees to the same locations every day, for example:

✅ Service teams that do routine checks on remote sites;
✅ Merchandise managers that check goods layout in supermarkets;
✅ People who travel to work and back on a company’s shuttle.

To manage such rides in GOFER, you can create a recurring ride. The system starts recurring rides automatically according to the specified schedule. This relieves dispatchers from the repetitive work of creating the same trips every day.

This video explains how to create a recurring trip in GOFER.

Let us know if you want to make a company car booking as simple as requesting a taxi. We’ll schedule a live demo and free trial for your company: http://bit.ly/37Ahfij

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